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Cerberus Testing is the scalable test automation platform for teams searching to accelerate software delivery with confidence.


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Cerberus Testing is a test automation platform allowing to iterate with quality and speed through test definition, execution, and reporting.

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Cerberus Testing supports your various testing techniques requirements, with low-code, collaboration and automation in a single interface.

Access unified test automation features

UX/UI Testing

Functional Testing

Integration Testing

Regression Testing

Leverage complementary test techniques

UX Monitoring

Web /App Perf

Data layer Testing

End-to-end testing

Deploy tests according to your context

Manual Testing

Automated Testing

CI/CD Testing

Continuous testing

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What our users say

Cerberus is the best framework I know to get started with automation testing, its accessibility and reliability on API, Web and Mobile testing makes it my go-to solution for IT projects.

“A very complete solution to bring automation testing in your teams!”

Clément V., QA Lead

Cerberus is a testing framework that allows the entire project to define its complete functional testing strategy. With its user-friendly approach, Cerberus is a real asset in adopting development methods that put quality at the centre of its concerns (TDD, BDD…).

“A testing framework that reconciles functional and technical teams”

Aurélien B., Team Leader

Today, Cerberus is fully integrated in our release process. It aims at guaranting the highest quality of our application web within the less possible time. Thanks to this tool, all recurring and time consuming tests were moved from manual to automatic. Now, all this time saved can be put in more valuable tasks such as improving the organization

“You think : Your time is precious ? Doing only manual test is not efficient enough ?Just go for it !”

Wilczynski M., Digital Quality Manager
My overall experience with this tool is great and I would definitely recommend it.

“Awesome tool for test automation”

Filipe Fazendeiro, QA Manager

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Why Choose Us

Accelerate Test Automation

Build your own test
library in low-code

Test websites, apps,
APIs, desktop, and more

Easily translate your business requirements into technical actions (supporting web, iOS, Android, desktop and API technologies)

Execute tests in parallel
across environments

Scale your test execution using campaigns
you can schedule or integrate
directly into your CI/CD pipeline

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