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Cerberus Testing supports multiple testing techniques with low-code, collaboration and automation in a single interface.


UX Testing

Ensure a reliable User Experience (UX) across your various channels performing tests from your users point of view.

Functional Testing

Validate your functionalities, business rules and behavior are happening as expected through your digital journeys.

Web Performance

Integrate non-functional requirements such as performance in your tests.

UX Monitoring

Execute your tests on a regular basis simulating real users to verify and collect UX data.


Integration Testing

Verify that your systems are performing the expected data transport, manipulation and storage.

Third-Party Test

Validate third-party integrations and behaviors. Leverage automation for efficiency.

Contract Testing

Interact with your APIs to verify their behavior are inline with your published contracts.

Regression Testing

Execute your test suites at each release to ensure existing functionalities were not broken.


Continuous Testing

Run your tests along every stages of your development lifecycle.

Automated Testing

Scale an efficient testing approach with automation, modularity and reuse.

Manual Testing

Support transition phases, exploratory or other manual tests recordings.

Hybrid Testing

Combine manual and automated steps in a single test if required.

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