Leverage Cerberus Testing native integrations

User Interface Testing Library

Selenium, Appium and Sikuli are natively integrated in Cerberus Testing. Simplify your test automation effort using the available actions and controls library.

Augmented Testing

Cerberus Testing provides intelligent test automation capabilities with internal features and external integrations:

  • Erratum is the internal self-healing feature without historical data
  • Gravity provides user-centric test automation and maintenance by our partner Smartesting

Robots Testing Farm

Integrates natively with any Selenium compatible grid. BrowserStack is by default available in the SaaS version. Keeps flexibility to connect to Cloud or on-premise farms.

APIs Testing Connectors

REST, SOAP, GraphQL and even Kafka API are available to simplify your API testing automation. Manage your flexible Service Library, including headers, tokens, parameters.

CI/CD Pipelines

Trigger your test campaign automatically and let Cerberus acts as a quality gate for your software delivery. Supports bi-directional integrations with native connector or public APIs.

Ticketing and Bug Tracking

Open ticket in one-click from a particular test execution with all execution context and link to reproduce the test. Affect tickets to tests for ticket management and tracking.

Databases Connectors

Connect to relational databases to support your test data management or database testing. Supports open drivers to connect to both public and on-premise databases.

Identity & Access Management

Administer your identities with KeyCloak providing a native support to integrate with your AD or LDAP directory. Access the self-service administration portal.

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