Accelerate with a complete test automation platform

Test Requirements Management

Built-in Test requirements management. Organize your tests, define the use-cases, tag them with feature or label. Use the workflow to collaborate through the implementation. Support automated and manual testing. Customize execution contexts.

Low code Test Library

Configure your tests with speed, quality and reliability using the built-in elements library. Enables you to define low code actions and controls for cross-browsers, mobile apps, APIs, desktop and file testing.

Modular and Reusable Test Steps

Implement a scalable, well-designed and maintainable test suite keeping similar steps as modules. Create tests fast by reusing the created blocks. Speed up your test implementation and facilitate team member integration. Easily update in case of application changes.

Scalable Parallel Test Execution

Execute your Tests across environments, browsers, devices, countries and locations. Leverage native integrations with execution robots. Tune your execution parameters for increased traceability, screenshots, replay, logging and queuing capabilities.

Reporting, Traceability & Replay

Built-in traceability of your tests execution including steps, actions, controls, robots and network traffic. Enabling a fast, reproductible and easy debugging. Increase your test coverage and quality. Replay in one-click.

Test Campaign Management

Create your test campaign content defining your test case criteria (tests cases, labels, categories). Trigger your campaign via CI/CD or via the built-in scheduler. Enabling you to perform continuous testing and monitoring.

Advanced Campaign Reporting

Get a full visibility over your test campaign execution status, performance and results. Access detailed test report, relaunch failed tests, verify the results across the various environments. Work fast to validating your product quality.

Network Traffic Data Capture

By capturing the full network traffic, you can implement non-functional requirements such as page loading time, size of external libraries, requests status. It enables you to consider page loading as a test verification, while adding 3rd-party behavior controls.

Test Analytics & Performance

Access native dashboards providing test performance data over time. Perform trend analysis, detect spikes and abnormal application behaviors. Drill-down with advanced filters by browsers, countries, third-party. Iterate on test reliability, stability and performance.

Dynamic Test Data Management

Implement reliable test fast leveraging the data library. Get your data via an external file, a web service, a database or define them directly inside Cerberus. Use them dynamically in your tests. Support data masking, variabilization and access management.

Access Management & AD

Manage your users accounts, accesses and roles per system. Keep a centralized security view integrating with your corporate AD or LDAP. Natively integrated with KeyCloak.

Native Audit & Logging

Administrate and access your system audit and logging. Fine-grained logging per actions, objects and users allowing you to get the full traceability and auditing required.

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