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Learn how companies leverage Cerberus Testing

La Redoute delivers daily with 7500+ Cerberus tests

La Redoute is a global e-commerce retailers where Cerberus Testing was scaled to support daily delivery of the web and mobile platforms with more than 7500 automated tests with Cerberus Testing.

End-to-end testing

Cerberus Testing enables end-to-end testing between front and microservices in the back-office.

Customer journeys

The user experience is validated in all environments, from non-production to production that includes monitoring.

Web, mobile & APIs

All necessary functional and integrations tests are supported in all the customer touch-points and APIs.

MyTF1, the #1 media streaming platform in France

MyTF1 provides television channels, replays and a streaming platform similar to Netflix in France where test automation with Cerberus Testing has been a key enabler.


Functional and integration testing of the third-party services and APIs (marketing, data).


Non-functional requirements testing, such as response-time and error rates.


Monitoring of their streaming services on main customer journeys in 24/7.

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